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I have a Female and Male Honedge, both have Egg Moves and are at Level 1, which Egg Moves will the Child inherit?

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As of Generation VI, it is possible for both male and female Pokémon to pass down egg moves.
If both parents have egg moves, the father's will be passed down first followed by the mother's.

For example, if you somehow got four egg moves on the father and the mother has one, than the father's egg moves will be passed down, and because it is impossible for a Pokémon to have more than four moves, none of the mother's.
I don't know how it is decided which egg move gets passed down if it is something like 3 and 2 (egg moves), I find it highly likely that the move in the higher slot is passed down, but I can't test it right now.


I breed a male with a female both with egg moves and the female egg moves passed down.
Example: Mother has em1, em2 and father has em3, em4, em5, em6 the result will be em1, em2, em3, em4
Does this work in OrAs
Yes, ORAS is considered Gen VI.