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Well, as usual, I'm breeding again, this time a Lucario. When I realized the chances of me getting a female, I wondered whether I could give the mother a certain item to change that. So, since I have no idea, I'm curious to see if someone can give me an answer! Is there a way to influence breeding so that more females/males hatch?


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No,there is no specific way of getting the Gender you want
It depends on the Gender Ratio of a Pokemon,some don't have a gender and others are male/female exclusive
However you can Try Gender Farming
It's basically just a method of trying to get a Pokemon with a Specific Gender.

Good Luck,Hope I Helped! :D

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There is no way to manipulate what gender the offspring will be, it all depends on the gender ratio.

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Man,I was just making Sure,you beat me
If there was an item to get a specific gender then gender ratio would be kind of worhtless