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For example:

Duosion and Renucleus have the base Special Attack stats at 120. Duosion evolves into Renucleus.

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What do you mean? Stays the same?
yes le scarf
i dont get what this question is askking :l

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Gen I
Poliwag --> Poliwhirl (Speed Stat remains 90)

Gen II
Chinchou --> Lanturn (Speed Stat remains 67)
Sunkern --> Sunflora (Speed Stat remains 30)
Misdrevus --> Mismagius (HP, Attack and Defense all remain 60)
Scyther --> Scizor (Base Stat Total remain 500)
Swinub --> Piloswine (Speed Stat remains 50)
Phanpy -->Donphan (HP Stat remains at 90)

Shroomish --> Breloom (HP and Sp.Def remain 60)
Wailmer --> Wailord (Speed Stat remains 60)
Barboach --> Whiscash (Speed Stat remains 60)
Duskull --> Dusclops (Speed Stat remains 25)
Bagon --> Shelgon (Speed Stat remains 50)

Gen IV
Cranidos --> Rampados (Speed Stat remains 58)
Shieldon --> Bastiodon (Speed Stat remains 30)
Burmy --> Wormadam (Speed Stat remains 36)

Gen V
Sewaddle --> Swadloon (Speed Stat remains 42)
Swadloon --> Leavanny (Sp.Def Stat remains 80)
Yamask --> Cofagrigus (Speed Stat remain 30)
Duosion --> Reuniclus (Speed Stat remains 30)
Klang --> Klinklang (HP, Sp.Atk and Sp.Def remain at 60, 70 and 85 respectively)

Gen VI
Espurr --> Meowstic (Attack Stat remains 48)
Doublade --> Aegislash(shield form) (Defence State remains 150)
Bergmite --> Avalugg (Speed Stat remains 28)

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Cross-Generation evolutions coming soon
Hmm, I though he meant no change in stats at all?
that has wat question is ment