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Can this please be the top ten ones, since it will most likely be dominated by things such as cosmoem and magikarp, and I want to see a wide array of creatures.

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What is the point of having this information?
What's the point in having information about why the steam person wants information?
Scizor gains a massive stat boost when it evolves from Scyther
Shedinja's boost is more massive.
I think that's a joke boaty mcboatface, since the BST doesn't change
that's a joke right?
it's gotta be a joke
@Hellfire Taco I'm creating fake pokemon evolutions, and one of them ended up with a fairly massive boost in stats from the previous form (because the previous form was trash) and that made me curious about what the all-time winner would be for biggest stat increase upon evolving.
Magikarp jumps like 340 BST when it turns into Gyarados, but IDK if that's the highest jump.
Pretty sure its Magikarp/Feebas to Gyarados/Milotic.
(Unless we are counting 3 stage evolutions, and the difference between stage 1 and 3 in which it would be a completely different answer)

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Magikarp to Gyarados
Golbat to Crobat
Kirlia to Gardevoir
Feebass to Milotic
Togetic to Togekiss
Noibat to Noivern
Wishiwashi to Wishiwashi (School Form)
Wimpod to Golisopod
Cosmoem to Solgaleo/Lunala

But which one jumps the highest?
I don't think Togetic to Togekiss is correct. It is only an increase of 140. There are other evolutions much higher than that
Barboach to Whiscash is higher than togetic to togekiss