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At first, I didn't notice it, but after evolving my growlith around lvl 4x and trained my newly acquired Arcainince, I notice that the Attack stat went from 9x to 1xx after leveling my Arcanenine.

Now my question is, when I evolved my Pokemon (any Pokemon for that matter), do their stat changed right away without the need to level up at least once?

So for instance, my growlith has, 10 attack right (for simplicity sake)? And I decided to use a firestone. if I open up the stats of my evolved growlith, would the 10 attk become a higher attk number WITHOUT leveling him up?

if this question has been answer, then sry, but from the searches that I did, everyone kept talking about base stats, which I know about. but thats only after leveling up. my answer isnt quiet answered.

btw, I am play Pokemon white 2, and havent played a Pokemon game since gold came out. so I'm not really sure on how much they changed the stat formulas inside Pokemon games now. so excuse my newbieness.


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there is a formula for calculating stats:

HP: ((2base HP + IV + (EV/4) level/100 + level + 10)
Stat: (((2base stat + IV + EV/4) level/100 + 5* Nature modifies

nature modifier for +Stat is 1.1, for -Stat is 0.9.

so Growlithes base Atk stat is 70.
Arcanines base Atk stat is 110.

so say both are level 100 with an Atk beneficial nature and Atk IVs of 31:
(((270 + 31 + 252/4) 100/100 + 5 1.1 = 262 for Growlithe as Max Atk stat
110 + 31 + 252/4) 100/100 + 5 1.1 = 350 max Atk stat for Arcanine.
when you evolve, it automatically plugs the new Base State (110) into the equation instead of the old (70). that's why its Atk jumped so much.

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Ah! i see.  so much easier to understand with cold hard facts like math (never though i'd say that lol).  but it make sense now!  thank you for your answer.  answered my question perfectly.
no problem. btw, a lot of things like Stat Boost stages, damage calculation, stat calculation, natures, EVs and IVs can be researched on Smogon. just so you know where to get an answer if its 3am and noones on the site :)
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Well, not all the time.
Most of the time, the stats will increase, as evolved forms of a Pokemon are usually higher than its pre-evolution.
The exceptions are Scizor and Magnezone, whose Speed stat will decrease upon evolution due to lower base Speeds than their pre-evolutions.

yeah, when I was searching around for answers, someone did say that scizor speed stats decrease upon evolving.  but for the rest (or at least for some), that means that my growlith did gain some stats when evolved into an Arcanine?

So would evolving my electicbuzz into an electvire increase its stats upon evolving when the trade is over?
Yes and Yes.