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The idea is the rock\paper\sissor like the starters have. The only other "triangle set" I came up with is dark, fighting, and psychic. Is there other "sets" of that nature?

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Neither Dark/Fighting/Psychic, Ground/Water/Electric. Both would be rigth if there wasn't the immunity
The immunity isn't relevant it is supposed to be about super effectivity
Switch it and it will turn to psychic/fighting/dark and to electric/water/ground then you read it from left to right not right to left.

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Grass, Water, Fire.
Water, Electric, Ground
Psychic, Fighting, Dark

Grass, Poison, Ground
Rock, Bug, Grass
Ground, Fire, Ice
Ground, Steel, Ice
Flying, Fighting, Rock
Ice, Flying, Fighting
Rock, Fire, Steel
Rock, Ice, Ground
Rock, Ice, Grass
Rock, Fire, Grass
Rock, Flying, Grass
Ground, Fire, Grass
Fairy, Fighting, Steel

* = triangle contains an immunity

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I think they should try different starter types, just for a change. :)
I agree with Bone on the change of starter types.  Ironically, in season one of Pokemon, the primary Pokemon of the primary characters fit the electric (Ash), water (Misty), ground (Brock) trio.
Not really ironic. More of coincidentally.