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What are the pros and cons of all the Fire-type starter Pokemon?

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I just got the five fire starters from my cousin I want to train 3 can anyone tell me the pros and cons of each pokemon so I can start training


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Which Pokemon are we talking about now? And what type of pro and con list do you want?
Be a little more specific dude!
sorry i left out fire but the title should have given it away :)
do you also want final evo?
not really
DW or non DW abilties
they all have dw abilites
can you acess DW? if not i won't bother to put the DW moveset

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I will give you a good description of each of their fully evolve forms.

Pros: Good Speed, High S.Attack, decent Attack, a great movepool that can boost attack to be very high and two good Abilities(Blaze) Solar-power which boosts S.Attack in the sun in exchange for some Hp every turn, a Ground immunity, and a pretty nice fire type movepool and great diversity.

Cons: x4 weakness to rock means half his HP is eaten away by stealth rock, and below average defenses.

Pros: He has the same stat spread as Charizard, he has an insanely strong Eruption, and has a good ability(Blaze) and a great DW ability Flash fire which gives him an immunity.

Cons: An unfortunately shallow Special Movepool and no good boosting moves for either offense, and below average defenses.

Pros: High Attack, and Special Attack and average Speed, good movepool, a bit of diversity and one good ability(Blaze) and one amazing ability speed boost which counteracts the average speed.

Cons: Again below average defenses.

Pros: High speed(The highest unboosted speed stat of all fire starters), good attack and S.attack, Diverse movepool, a strong priority move(Mach punch), 1 good ability(Blaze), and 1 great ability Iron fist which boosts the power of Punching moves.

Cons: He has the Low defenses and Hp.

Pros: High Attack, and Hp, and good S.Attack, nice movepool and 2 good abilities(Blaze) and Reckless which raises the power of recoil moves which is pretty good for him.

Cons: He has the lowest defensive stats of the 5 which counters acts his high HP, and he has terrible speed, he should only be used a wall breaker or a T-room Sweeper, he is also good as Choice scarf sweeper in the lower tiers.

Blaze by the way boosts the power of fire type moves when lowered down to 1/3 HP. For good moveset for each follow one of the links:

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I gave the final Evos because the first forms are not very important as they will become these. The first forms have relatively similar stat spreads and movepools though they are all pure fire types.
Emboar @ Choice Scarf is one of the most powerful Suicide Sweepers in the lower tiers, you might want to mention that.
Blaziken can also Baton Pass for a Pro. As for another Blaziken con, it doesn't have the most reliable of Fighting type STAB. Either it has lower power Brick Break or Double Kick, average but not fully accurate Sky Uppercut, stat lowering Superpower, or predictable Hi Jump Kick.
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Pros : Good Spatk and speed, and a good movepool.

Cons : Final evo takes max damage from stealth rocks(1/4 of max HP).

Pros : Good Spatk and speed.

Cons : limited movepool.

Pros : Great Spatk.

Cons : Lame speed,and lowest def of the 5 and more physical based than special based.
( DW ability, speed boost, can nullify this)

Pros : Base Atk and Spatk are the same, allowing for a gigantic movepool and all rounded moveset.

Cons : lowest spdef of the 5, and not that fast, allowing faster Waters and Grounds to OHKO him.

Pros : Good Atk and HP is helpful for recoil moves.*

Cons : Slow, and the spdef is just a tad higher than chimchar's, which has the lowest spdef, and the def is only about a little more than torchic, which has the lowest def.
*(DW ability reckless also helps)

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how bout best answer?
doesn't Stealth Rock cut Charizards max hp into 1/2 ?