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So I'm just about to start playing through BW AND BW2 again and I was wondering what would be the best starter for each game in terms of stats and moves. I have Pokèmon White 2 and Black

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Yes there are other questions on these starters but none of them include all 3 together. And as far as i can see there isnt one with snivy but correct me if im wrong and i will add it all up myself.
I changed this slightly so it can be answered more objectively. Hope it's alright.

Emboar is probs the best but it is ugly.
Yeah that fine fizz, lol Ace agreed.

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Your starter Pokemon in B/W/B2W2 are more about what you want. Usually people can pick starters based on the first/last few gyms, but in B/W/BW2 the first gym is always type advantage on your starter and you can always get an advantage on that spoiler with the free Pokemon you get in the dreamyard before the first gym.

Example: You choose water type starter, first gym will be grass, you get a free level 10 fire type monkey in dream yard before the first gym.

So yeah, your starter is personal preference.

Also, im not a huge fan of using the monkeys as they are terrible in my opinion, i could just use a better pokemon, im not bothered by type adavantages etc, i can just fight the first bw gym with a lillipup instead and im good, but im talking aboutthe best starter for the whole game, E4 all gyms etc. I will be battling my friend as well, i might not use the starter but if the stats and moves are good enough i might.
All starters are the same. I would still suggest you go by personal preference. If you don’t want to, choose the one you think will add most type diverse to your tram.
They're not all the same. I don't know about you, but many of the people on Smogon generally agree that Serperior is worse than the other 2 because it has weaker attack stats, and grass normal doesn't have exactly the best coverage.
Personally ive use oshawott most and it seems pretty op, ive never used serperior and emboar through a whole playthrough.
I’ve done play through with all 3 starters. I also think my fastest one was with Oshawott.
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What most people are saying is correct. That is referring to the personal preference. But if you look at the stats of the final evolutions (Samurott, Emboar, and Serperior) Samurott is the best. Serperior has good Defense, Sp Def, and high speed but that is all it has going for it. It has weaker moves with its most powerful being Leaf Storm which lowers Sp Atk. so after a few uses it already does limited damage. Emboar is decent with high attack and slightly lower HP and Sp Atk. Its best attacks include Flare Blitz, Head Smash, and Hammer Arm (Going off of moves learned by Level Up not TM/HM and also going off of power). Flare Blitz and Head Smash both do damage to the user and Hammer Arm lowers speed stats. Then Samurott is the last and the best in my opinion based off of the stats and possible moves. It has good attack, Sp Atk, and good HP (not quite as high as Emboar but still good). Its best moves include Aqua Tail, Hydro Pump, and Megahorn. All of which have no extra effects on the user. Samurott also has the least amount of weaknesses and has 4 type advantages which is the same as Serperior but one less than Emboar. If looking at the overall game, then that is all based off of playing style. If looking at gyms Samurott is most likely best due to it countering more gyms than the other starters.