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I'm starting platinum again and I'm thinking of useing a kanto starter in my team
I'm also thinking of using one in a competative team
Please list pros and cons
Also which you recommend for ingame and competative purposes


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Pros: Good stats all around, bulky, great in B/W with Chlorophyll and growth
Cons: Terrible movepool, and this is what hinders him greatly ingame, for in ingame Type effectiveness is very useful and he simply has a terrible movepool.

Pros: Bulky, Rain-dish is great, ok movepool, HM slave potential
Cons: Low offenses, and lack of offensive movepool. This hinders it ingame

Pros: High Offenses, good offensive movepool, can learn Fly
Cons: Low defenses and common type weakness.

On a Sun team in competitive B/W Venusaur pwns, On Rain team in Competitive B/W Blastoise stalls amazingly. Chairzard works really well in the Sun, but it least competitively useful but definitely the best in-game especially considering how hard it is to get fire types in-game.

Thanks you've probably seen but I added a answer to your double battle question thing and more to the meta post