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I want to train a Ledian and currently it is at Level 30. Before I train it too much I want to know if it'll be worth it. Please help by listing the good & the bad of Ledian.

I don't think there are any pros.

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If you are going to use it competitively then Ledian is not worth it at all. If you are going to use it in-game, not worth it. My reasons?


  • Ridiculous HP (55 base HP)
  • Poor Attack stat (35 base Attack)
  • Poor defence ( 50 base defense)
  • Poor special attack stat( 55 base Special attack)

Every decent attacking Pokémon can smash a Ledian. Competitively this is a real problem. It is not incredibly fast because with a base 85 speed stat you are not exactly going to outspeed much. Even in the NU tier it faces a lot of issues

Competitive utility

  • High special defense ( 110 base special defense is not to be taken lightly, but with it's poor HP not exactly dazzling as well)
  • Although it's speed stat isn't dazzling it can at least always set up one screen since it scores best as a dual screener. Ledian is no threat at all, it is uaually the Pokémon that comes after him that does the demolishing.

In-game flaws

tbh Ledian is completely useless in-game unless you are lucky enough to switch in into a special attacking Pokémon which is still awfully rare. Physical attacking Pokémon are very common in-game and usually very Powerful and can destroy ledian with one hit. Though there are people that tend to love Ledian and use it impressively well in-game it isn't always that easy due to it's poor bulk and it's disappointing offensive side.


Ledian isn't really worth getting for both in-game as for competititvely

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