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I want to make a tough emerald bug team with movesets. I need Shedinja(X-scissor, Dig, Shadow Claw, Aerial Ace) and Ninjask(Unknown Moveset). Please Help!

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I don't know how you are going to get X-scissor in emerald
Or Shadow Claw for that matter.

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So, if you have those two, your other 4 should be:
Shuckle (excellent wall) with Double Team, Mud Slap, Toxic, and Protect. (Toxic kills them while they can't hit)

He should hold a Hp restoring berry, or Leftovers.

Armaldo (goot for getting rid of those pesky Flying and Fire Types) with Metal Claw (covering Rock Weakness), Ancient Power (STAB and is physical in Gen 3), Brick Break, and Furry Cutter.

He should hold a Hard Stone

Dustox with Silver Wind, Psychic, Sludge Bomb, Giga Drain

He should hold Bright Powder

Volbeat with thunderbolt, Signal beam, Attract, Double Edge
Should hold Silk Scarf

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I based this team and these movesets on the word "emerald". This is by no means the best bug team or best movesets for these Bugs in other generations.
I'm not very experienced with bugs
I ment using emerald pokemon, not movesets. I am using this in heartgold.
Well, please say this. We had no idea that this is what you were thinking, as the only indication is Gen 4 moves in your question body, which some people can see as negligence on your part.
You should have said Hoen then, rather then Emerald
thank you for the info man!that's why my question was hidden.i still don't know how to thank you for this