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The evolved Pokémon can level up quickly and reach high level earlier in the games .
But they will be weak and may miss out some moves ( like torchick can't learn double kick ) what are the pros and cons of cancelling the evolution of a Pokémon . Note I am not saying never evolve it I am asking about
evolving it later in the game (like evolving charmander at 24)

Usually you don't evolve if you either want a specific level up move as early as possible or if you're going for lv100 and the pre evo level ups more quickly.

If you're just doing a normal casual run in a game you're better off just evolving and leveling up via beating things faster
Actually, I'm pretty sure pre-evolutions do not level up more quickly. They just learn moves earlier.
Getting some moves earlier

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-You can learn moves that the next evolution can’t (though this is only the case for some Pokémon). This saves you Heart Scales in case you have a Pokémon that you really need to learn a move.

-You have a reason besides breeding to use an Everstone (because, I assure you, you will be annoyed from mashing B every few battles).

-Some pre-evolved forms of Pokémon have good stats, and some can even use Eviolite in game (in Shield I use an Eviolite Rhydon).

-Some pre-evolved forms actually have “better” stats than their evolved forms, but I guess that could be combined with the above pro.

Wow changing this part again. Back to the original statement. Pokémon that haven’t evolved don’t level up quicker, just Pokémon that are evolved are generally a higher level than un-evolved Pokémon, giving the impression that they level up slower :P


-You have a weaker Pokémon than you would’ve if you had evolved it.

-If you cancel evolution or use an Everstone, and you don’t realize that it’s leveling to 100, you’ll never get an evolved Pokémon unless you are in Gen 8 and you use a Rare Candy.

-To balance out the first pro, you will also miss the opportunity to learn moves of the next evolution, and sometimes they are better than the pre-evolution moves you can learn.

-Fully evolved Pokémon tend to do better in game, mostly because of their stats, and in game you usually want to be the faster and stronger Pokémon than your opponent. Pre-evolutions have trouble meeting both of those criteria at the same time (though this isn’t always the case, again, the Rhydon I have is slowwww).

So, as you can see, the pros and cons are balanced out.

Hope this helps! I might add stuff in here later, by the way! :)

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There are no cases where a Pokémon evolves and then would require more or less exp to level up than if it had stayed unevolved. However, in more recent games, if a Pokémon that evolves by level up is at a higher level than it needs to evolve, it does gain an exp boost when KOing Pokémon.
Haha guess I shouldn’t have changed it :P
Some Pokemon learn the same moves as their evolution, but learn them at lower levels. People delay their evolutions to learn those moves faster.
Well I said I would evolve it in some time in future not never like my example in brackets
I know. I am simply stating that if (for some reason) you lose track of the level your Pokémon is on, and it levels up to 100, you won’t be able to evolve it unless it is in SWSH :P