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This happened to me before the DS Wi-fi Services shutdown. I was trading on the GTS Negotiations on my White 2 version. I don't remember the exact trade, I think I was trading a Charmander for a Phione. Right as I was about to receive it, the connection dropped. I lost my Pokemon, and I never received the Phione. But, I was browsing through my Pokedex and it said I had caught a Phione. But, it's not in any of my boxes. Where'd the Phione go?

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There is no real answer to this but this could be it

When you traded you were unlucky enough to have been cut off at the exact moment the Pokemons data was being transferred through. So you got enough of phiones data for the game to set it as caught. But there was not enough information for the game to recognize it as a Pokemon. so therefor you cannot see it.

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Bummer. I figured there wasn't any way to locate the Phione, but at least it's in my Pokedex. Thanks for your time.
Your welcome! :-)