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In Pokemon Y I have a Lunatone that is level 17 and has the moves Confusion, Hypnosis, Rock Polish, and Psywave. I caught it in the Glittering Cave at level 17 and I haven't levelled it up yet. But (I may be wrong with this) I think that when you find a wild Pokemon it always has the last four moves it would have learnt up to its level. On Serebii and this website, the last 4 moves of Lunatone up to level 17 would be Rock Throw instead of Confusion. I don't know if this is a glitch in the game or an error on both websites, which is very unlikely because on Onix's Serebii page they forgot the move Gyro Ball in the level up but this website had it, just an example. This isn't any big problem or anything because Lunatone is more of a special attacker anyway and I'm just training him up for no reason, I'm just curious.

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I'm not very sure about that, but if you want it to have rock throw talk give a **Heart Scale** to the lady in the **First House** of **Dendemille Town** and choose to relearn the move **Rock Throw**, I'm shure that will work.

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Let's look at this sequentially.

Assume that Lunatone starts out as a lvl 1 Pokemon in the wild. It's known moves will be Harden, Magic Room, Rock Throw and Tackle (in the given sequence). This means Rock Throw will not be learned again at lvl 5, and will become the third move to be replaced.

Hence, in the end when Lunatone is lvl 17, it's moves will be Tackle, Hypnosis, Rock Polish and Psywave. Yeah confusing stuff.

Hope I helped!

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But why do I have confusion then?
I just checked serebii and it has confusion as one of the level one moves so that's why I have confusion I guess