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What? I had caught an Espurr on low health with a Heal Ball, and I succeeded, but it didn't heal the Espurr! Did I do something wrong? Did I miss anything? Or was it just a... a... glitch?

Please help me!

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Are you sure it was a heal ball and not something like a friend ball?
Are you sure its a Heal Ball? Love Balls and Dream Balls look similar to a Heal Ball.
I picked up a Heal Ball, and made sure it was a Heal Ball, because  I had no Love ball or Dream Ball or friend Ball when I was in route 6/7
Did you send it to your PC or put it in your party?
I forget, it was a while ago, but I only just realized that Heal Balls fully heals your health.
Oh....were you catching multiple Espurr at the time?

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There's a few possibilities.

  1. It wasn't a Heal Ball. You said you made sure it was a Heal Ball, but you may be wrong. Dream and Love Balls both look similar, you could check if it was one of them you caught the Espurr in instead.

  2. You had multiple Espurrs in your party, and you checked the wrong one. It could have fully healed the Espurr, but you instead looked at an Espurr at low health that was already in your party.

  3. It did heal the Espurr, you sent it out in battle, then it got damaged again. Heal Balls don't consistently heal your Pokemon, they only do it once, when it's caught.

  4. You came across an undocumented glitch. Bulbapedia's glitch list doesn't mention this anywhere. While it's extremely unlikely this is the case, it's possible.

  5. Previously used hacking devices messed something up. If you've hacked your game, it could have changed what happened upon capture, and made it so the Espurr was not healed when it was caught.

  6. You said this happened a while ago. Human memory is not perfect, and is subject to error or mistakes. You may simply have completely forgotten what really happened, and assumed your Espurr didn't get healed, when it in fact did.

if none of these are the case, I have no further possibilities as to what could have happened. Hope I helped!

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Apparently you can't get a Love or Dream ball in Kalos....
I believe it's possible to hack them in, or get traded one from someone that hacked it in.
Geez, you guys. I’m eleven. I don’t know HOW to hack
The possibility was there. Sorry for any offence I may have caused :)
If your copy is pre-owned, the previous owner may have hacked it.
My brother had it before me, but he was ten when he last played the Y game
And X, it’s ok, I’m just saying it’s funny that people are like. “It might have been hacked” and I barely know how to complete the game