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I'm having problems with this.. Will-o-Wisp, Rest, Sleep Talk and Dragon Tail!
Its destroying my team! Any good counters for make a OHKO at full HP or avoid WoW and Dragon Tail and hit hard on it?
Megas are welcome since I don't have any in my team..

Please use Damage Calculator.

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Thundurus. With Taunt, he can destroy Giratina which becomes limited to Dragon Tail or switching out.
in Ubers?i dont know maybe yveltal,xerneas or any dragon uber faster than it:P

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Honestly, just use xerneas, which is the best fairy type Pokemon in ubers right now and arguably one of the best Pokemon in ubers period.

Special Xerneas can easily set up on Giratina, Dragon tail can't hit it, Will-o-wisp doesn't do much, and even without boost, Xerneas 2HKO's. It doesn't get any better than that tbh.

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