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Telepathy ability says that the Pokémon don't receive damage from allies' attacks.
I was thinking if I send a Ferrothorn, use Stealth Rocks but the opponent used Magic Coat and reflects back the Stealth Rocks to me and I switch to my Telepahty Pokémon, would it receive damage from the Stealth Rocks?
Since it's my move and not from the opponent.

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Telepathy doesn't mean Pokemon take no damage from hazards (Stealth Rocks, Spikes, Toxic Spikes etc.) placed on their side of the field by teammates, or other status category moves' damaging affects. When a hazard is on the field, the Pokemon it comes from doesn't matter. No matter which Pokemon a hazard came from, all other Pokemon will be effected by it how they would if it were from any other Pokemon. Plus, Stealth Rocks are an affect of a status move, which isn't an attack, so that makes sense.

I hope that solves your Stealth Rocks issue.

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