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I'll try keep it simple:
1) I bought my 3DS and game card during a vacation in China; and apparently they are all from Japan
2) Recently I have received the code from a game shop. A code for Shiny Gengar
3) When I did as the instruction said, the system says that my game card doesn't allow me to receive Gengar

Q: Is the mysterious codes from one region only works for this specific region? Is there any way for me to get a Pokemon via mysterious code?

Thank you very much!

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Correct me if I'm wrong, but I believe the Shiny Gengar ended a while ago. On what date did you actually get the code?
Unless it ended at different times in different countries, the event lasted October 13 to October 26.
I'm sure it's the distribution that ended, the Gengar code itself should still be function-able. Possibilities are that you probably mis-typed the code or you have already received the said Gengar,
So your 3DS and X are japanese and code is american or whatever country you are right?
@!'•-Indigo-•'!   @Fated Fathom ♠  
Yes, according to the description, it will end on November 5th. However, I did my attempt on the day before; and after that I gave the same code to my friend (who has a foreign 3DS and game card) and it worked on her's.

@ShinyFire  Indeed. The code was  from Australia.
Yeah, I did the same thing - Gamestop clerk had some Gengar codes left, so I got one, and it worked.
Best answer Ever: Japanese game cards are Japanese and foreign are foreign obviously :D
Or it could be that the Game Card you got from China was a fake. Wouldn't be surprised.

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I've tried looking for it, guess what I found.

>Codes are region locked, but I think they are locked to the location you are, not the region of your 3DS.

>In other words: Store > 3DS Region.

From here,

>Actually there's a good chance the code won't work for you then. The codes seem to be region locked.

From here,

>...so please don’t enter if you are not in this region and/or it wouldn’t work for you.

From here as well,

>Unfortunately, the codes are region locked I think, so I am afraid it won't work. A UK code will not work for a US game card.

And lastly, from here.

TL;DR There's a high chance that the codes are in fact, locked to the region from where they were bought from.

Good news: It's not the game card's or the DS' fault, both are completely fine and dandy.
Bad news: The Gengar code is not gonna work :/

Hope I helped!