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Which is stronger physical or special abomasnow?

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I am training an hail team

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:D I made something similar!

2 Answers

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Special Abomasnow, because with Snow Warning and Blizzard, it could be a sweeper, and Physical only has Ice Shard. And Avalanche which aren't as effective as Blizzard. You can teach HP on Special Abomasnow and not on Physical. And physical has the Recoil Wood Hammer. While Special has Energy Ball, with no recoil. So Special Abomasnow is better than Physical Abomasnow IMO..

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For Abomasnow, I actually would suggest a combination of Blizzard and Wood Hammer (other two moves Substitute and Leech Seed) as these are both high powered moves, you can easily work with mixed attacking stats. And Abomasnow is frail, you'll want all the power you can get. Combined Leech Seed and Hail damage can slowly whittle away the foes health, and Wood Hammer and Blizzard finish off foes quickly.

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