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It's part Fairy and part Steel, which can be quite useful to cover its Fairy weaknesses...though adding a weakness to Fire and Ground.

Stat-wise, its HP is low, but the other stats are decent I guess. Its move-pool is quite restricted, but I actually don't mind that too much.

I'd really like to have a Fairy type...I'm fully aware about other good Fairy types such as Sylveon, Gardevoir and others, but I really like Klefki, personally.

Should I add him to my team?

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If you want to use Klefki, go for it.

Honestly, it doesn't really matter what Pokemon you use in-game, since it's quite easy. If you want to use Klefki, go for it. If you can get past its low HP stat and limited move-pool then sure, it can be useful to you.

You can make almost anything work in-game, pretty much.

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