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This is for in game battles.


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By "in game battles", I assume you mean the battles that are part of storylines of the various core series games. Because getting an impostor Ditto before beating the game is either not worth your time or impossible, you'd have to waste a turn using transform. Even then, all you get is a copy of the opponent, but (usually) with a lower level and HP stat. This is why any Ditto without impostor is almost always useless.
By the way, in competitive battling, an impostor Ditto can be used to "revenge kill" sweepers. For example, if a Zygarde was sweeping your team, then you can send in a Ditto holding a choice scarf and have it use outrage. Because the Ditto will copy Zygarde's speed and boost it further with the choice scarf, the Ditto will always move first and be able to one-shot the Zygarde with its outrage. Still, there usually are better choice scarf users, so I wouldn't recommend Ditto unless you're playing Ubers or Anything Goes.

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the answer is: it depends.

you have to study the format where you want to play, but the main reason to use a ditto, according to me, is to "steal" the stat boosts from a specific Pokemon.

For example: in the past season of VGC there were lots of xerneas and it was used to set geomancy (duh) but with ditto you could enter in the field and copy the opposing xerneas, stat boosts included.

ditto is a cool niche Pokemon and used in the proper way to counter certain set up 'mon it could do very well.

Okay, thanks