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For example you can skip Saffron gym in FrLg and directly take on the rest of the 7 gyms.

This doesn't include Cianwood / Olivine / Mahogany Gyms in GSC or HgSs, as you have to defeat all the three in order to proceed to Blackthorn City.

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"This doesn't include Cianwood / Olivine / Mahogany Gyms in GSC or HgSs"

Where's your source?
This is definitely wrong. Defeating Byron is required to reach the seventh gym in every Sinnoh game.
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If you say so. I guess I should make my question more clearer.
Honestly this is hard because multiple can be skipped and out in different order. but because you say while your on the victory road you have to be able to have them as the last when you got to the victory road. example you can get surf from fuschia then go to cinnabar then fight logs then Sabrina or Sabrina then koga as koga Blaine and Sabrina are interchangeable as leader five six and seven. though the proper order is of course koga 5 Sabrina 6 and Blaine 7. but technically excluding glitches or hacks none can in Kanto as Giovanni is only accessed and available after all Kanto gym leaders except him have been defeated.
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