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Greninja maybe? Who else?

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-Bulbasaur and its evolutional line
-Poliwag's evolutional line which are based on frog spawns, and politoed which is a frog
-Croagunk and its evolution
-Tympole and its evolutional line

source: pokedex and logic

PS:These are the ones plus froakie's evolutional line which you partialy mentioned.

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Bulbasaur and its evolutional line is not a frog.
Bulbasaur are supposed be dinosaurs.

You also missed the Greninja line.
Bulbasaur and its evolutions are  frogs more and less dinosaurs.Also I mentioned the froakie's evolutional line look at the end
1. "Bulbasaur is a portmanteau of the words bulb (a rounded underground storage organ present in some plants, notably those of the lily family) and the Greek saur (lizard)."
2. I'm blind ignore that.
So basically its a Lily Lizard
XD jks