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In W2 by the way.
I need something bulky THAT IS NOT CONKELDURR.
Any suggestions?
Current team:

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Rain. It turns clay into mud.
Source: My dads a tradesman.
Water types might work too!
Source: Experience

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You've got the perfect Pokémon already, Servine. It resists Clay's Ground type attacks, and can deal 2HKOs or usually OHKOs if it's over leveled, which it should be. In-game is very easy, and there is less need for bulky Pokémon, because your Pokémon will usually be of higher level. I defeated Clay with a Ducklett I caught on Driftveil Bridge, without training, so it should really be quite simple to defeat him with Servine.

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i think i used a darmanitan
None of them are above level 26 XD
Didn't train much
Well then train. If you're going to catch a new Pokémon, you'll have to level it up anyway, so why not work with what you've got?
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servine is great to beat clay but arcanine and magnemite have a huge disadvantage. try catching a duckling on the Driftveil bridge and get the lvl 30 deerling from that science lab on route 6? srry forgot the route but its the route you take to the next city. hoped I helped :)

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You lack Water or Strong Grass types. If you can, try and catch a Sewaddle in route 20. Even though it isn't the greatest Bug/Grass type, it still packs a punch. Most Ground types are slow, so it helps to have a fast attacker. For a Water Type... You're out of luck until you get Surf, which is found later on.

Hope I helped!