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I plan on using a Vaporeon because I love it in my Black 2 playthrough. But I wanted to evolve it before reaching clay (ground type gym leader). Is it possible to get a water stone (without random methods like dust clouds) before reaching driftveil city? THANKS!

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Are you playing Black/White 1 or Black/White 2? A question similar to this for B/W 2 already exists. https://pokemondb.net/pokebase/94339/
Also, please use a real question title next time.
@Fizz I guess it is B2, after looking at the original title.
I think you're right actually, I'll fix it now. It makes sense given they're using Eevee, but it's good to be sure.
Well,that's a random method :( .Getting an Vaporeon B4 clay is tough Thanks anyways!
I feel like this is a duplicate of that question. It should be pretty easy to tell which are random and which aren't, so I don't know why we should have one asking for all methods and one asking for the non-random ones.
You can also get it in hidden grotto of route 2.
@Hellfire Taco I'm sorry,I thought there might me other methods so I asked
Thanks but route 2 is an end game location in bw2

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You can get a water stone in the Battle Subway, which is before the Driftveil Gym.

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will it be possible to win 7 battles with only a pignite,trapinch and a magnezone ?And most importantly,to get 5 bp for the first 7 win-streak ,do you need to connect to WiFi ??
I think the first 7 opponents should be mostly unevolved Pokemon with low stats. I'm pretty sure you do not need Wifi for this.
Thanks alot! With your information, I might be able to FINALLY use a Vaporeon.