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Shiny Beldum Event will celebrate the release of ORAS.
I am not one who spoil out normally, but my brother couldn't help it and showed me. This damn excited me! I am very much looking forward it.
Well the dilemma is, I want not to retrieve the shiny Beldum starter-game; I want the Beldum, but I want an Adamant Beldum. I'm looking for using it competitively, not for in-game purpose. I need thereby a specific nature, and I don't have time to waste resetting to get it Adamant since I want to play in-game without wasting time on small details that won't affect the storyline gameplay.
I wondered if it was possible to collect it end-game. Would the delivery man who keep it go away if I'm too long to retrieve my gift?

Nope He Won't! lol

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Although I don't know about ORAS, but in X/Y the Delivery man stays as long as he needs before the player accepts/denies the gift. I doubt this system has changed in ORAS, but one never knows.

Source: Tried it out with items I obtained from Pokemon global link, also that my Delivery man was standing with an event Vivillon for several weeks.

Hope I helped!

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Several weeks you say? This is great news!
Thank you :)
In my HGSS, my delivery man had a Shiny Suicune for 2 years.