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Im wanting to know if my team can beat Red when they get to lvl 85

Gallade:Jolly nature

Kingdra:Bashful nature

Larvitar:Lonely nature

Mankey:Quirky nature

Growlithe:Hasty nature

Girantina:Jolly nature

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Some are not evolved and will be
Movesets, man...-_-
Not yet to the lvl I want them so I don't know

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It depends on the moves but if you're training them all up to level 85 you should be fine.

Make sure Tyranitar has Earthquake to take on Pikachu (his first, with Light Ball). Gallade can probably handle Snorlax. You'll need something for Blastoise like Grass Knot or Thunderbolt somewhere.

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I have Gallade for that its a grass fighting and it knows leafblade
Gallade isn't Grass Fighting, it's Psychic-Fighting...
Oh sorry but it does know leafblade