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This is a bit hard to explain, but I'll try my best.

Whenever you trade with someone in X/Y (and other games too, but I'm using X/Y for my example) you can see the other persons boxes. These boxes have colored blocks in them for where the Pokemon are, but what do the colors mean?

If it is their type then what color would a double type Pokemon be?

Please include a source!


I think it's just the colour of the Pokemon.. like eevee is Brown and vaporeon is blue as that is its main colour... I'm not sure if that's correct though.

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The top screen... includes an abstract glimpse of the other player's Pokémon collection in the form of PC boxes with individual Pokémon represented by their Pokédex color.

So for example a Mudkip's spot in the PC would be represented with a blue square and a Hawlucha would be shown as a green square.


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Is there a way to tell what color a pokemon will be? You say mudkip is blue (it's water type and it is mostly blue) But why is hawlucha green? If it was type or color of the pokemon hawlucha would be red or brown.
According to the Pokedex, Hawlucha is green. Thus, he would appear as a green square in the other player's box when trading.