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Hi I would like to know from all of you whether should I have Empoleon or Magneton/Magnezone in my Pokemon team so that I can have like a "substitute" for my Gardevoir who has a very bad defence stat, so I needed a steel type Pokemon to counter Gardevoir's weakness to Steel and poison type moves, as well pyshical moves. Please tell me which to choose, and why is the reason you chose that Pokemon. Thanks for all your help!

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Empoleon vs. Magnezone

Since you want a defensive Pokemon, lets take a look at their stats!

Empoleon: 84 HP/88 Def/101 Sp. Def
Magnezone: 70 HP/115 Def/90 Sp. Def

Obviously, Empoleon has better HP and Sp. Def than Magnezone. Magnezone, however, excels in Def. Empoleon has more even stats and might be your first choice, but it is important to note that Magnezone beats it by 27 base Def stats and has good Sp. Def/decent HP. To determine it, we would need to look at Gardevoir's stats.

Gardevoir: 68 HP/65 Def/115 Sp. Def

Because Gardevoir has great Sp. Def already, I would suggest Magnezone because it would help cover Gardevoir's frail Defenses. But, if you have a Magneton and cannot evolve it, Empoleon might be better.
If you can't decide, you can look at these websites:

I hope this helped!

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Thanks! Your answer really helped me make my decision alot easier! I think i will go for Magnezone then
You're welcome! I'm glad it helped you :D