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In ORAS, there is a man near the battle resort who says something in Japanese. I however, am American, and haven't the slightest clue what he's saying. There is also some of the Japanese text that is in blue, so I think something is special in what he is saying....

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Low, where is the man and what does he look like?
i look for him and come back to ya
If you can provide a screenshot or photo, I can translate it for you.
I cannot provide screenshots, but the man is an old man in a brown suit and a brown hat, and he`s in the house to the right of the battle maison, near the two members of team aqua and magma.

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>"I can tell by the look of you you're no ordinary trainer. I'd recommend training up some more, and challenging the Pokemon World Championship."

^^ Translation, I did not translate myself.

This is the real-life Pokemon World Championship, not the PWT. The blue part was 'Pokemon World Championship', it's nothing you should worry about in-game.

Hope I helped. :)

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Thanks! I definetly was curious, so this helped a lot.....

(Gotta talk to `em all!)
I was so super curious about it! Thanks, this helped a lot (not that it was that important...).
I typed in "ORAS Gentleman Translation" into google and it actually before linking me to this page translated that from romanian into english. It came up with "Gentleman CITY". Best search ever.
I just spent the last half hour translating this myself by writing the characters in to google translate and o didn't even get the right translation! Thanks for this it really helped me!