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Does anyone know what Wally says when you lose to him in ORAS?

Since I didn't lose I don't know but I'm really curious.

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Most NPCs don't say anything when you lose to them, and I'm pretty sure this also applies to Wally.
Bulbapedia doesn't list any dialogue for Wally when the player loses in ORAS. The only time this happens is in Sun & Moon at the Battle Tree. If Wally wins, he says "let's battle again sometime".
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I believe the answer would be nothing

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Wally does not say anything in the event of the player losing to him in ORAS. The game will display the standard messages, "Player lost against [insert NPC here], etc." and you flee to a Pokémon Centre.

If I recall correctly this used to be the case, but in modern games they added extra character dialogue before it reveals how much money you lost, and everything else. I can’t remember if this started in Gen 6 or 7 though, you might be right.
In Gen 6, this only applies in select scenarios such as the Maison. Wally is never fought as an opponent under these conditions, so this does not apply to him.