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When you're in the Magma suit in OR Maxie rings you and said something but it can't be heard over static (I think). What did he say?

He said something like:
''le..... gr........... th....'' (this isn't what he said exactly)

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Maxie specifically says:

Do you read me? It is I, the great Maxie. A device built into that suit you have donned allows me to talk to you. We have received readings from your suit. They suggest that Groudon has appeared. Is my supposition correct? Does it stand before you now? You must listen...Do not waste even a single second. Leap upon Groudon's mighty back. Then le-- take you to-- dee--est...o--th--c...

Then le-- take you to-- dee--est...o--th--c...

Using pure logic based on what does happen in the games, I perceive that he meant to say: "Then let it take you to the deepest part of the cavern", but due to the call failing, it wasn't delivered as a proper whole.

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