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I'm just wondering since it feels like you're battling the person (but you can't in their base). And about the Pokemon that you battle.

Could you please clarify exactly what you mean?
Well I don't understand this but I will try to answer

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In Secret Bases, the Pokemon you Battle are dependent on the first three Pokemon of their Trainer's team. When they update their Secret Bases using the Internet in their original game, the Pokemon Global Link takes note of this as well as the game does. This registers online.
Example: I have a Treeko, Torchic and Mudkip. I update my Secret Base using the Internet. The game and PGL will take note of this. A random Pokemon Trainer comes and recruits me to their Secret Base. You then come along and Battle me.
The same occurs with the Trainer who recruited me and you. I hope I cleared up your confusion bro

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You battle the first 3 Pokemon in the person's team at the moment you streetpass them.
For example,Person B has a team of Bidoof,Turtwig,Bayleef and Snivy.His first 3 Pokemon are Bidoof,Turtwig and Bayleef.Say person A streetpass person B at that moment.The Pokemon person A battle are the first 3 Pokemon in Person B's team.if Player B swaps Bidoof with snivy after person A streetpassed him,Person A will still battle the Bidoof,Turtwig and Snivy
TL;DR If the person you streetpassed changed his team after being streetpassed,the team he will use against you dosen't change
(And if you were talking about battling grunts in the other person's base,their Pokemon is actually determined by their trainer class and is not influenced by the original Pokemon owned by them)

Sry if this is confusing.
Which I bet it is
Source:Experience and http://www.serebii.net/omegarubyalphasapphire/supersecretbases.shtml

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Streetpass. Whenever you pass a person and you both have streetpass on, and you have their secret base the game will update with their currwnt team
Source: experience
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