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How many steps are there in 1 loop?

If you do not know what the infinite loop is I will show you

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Do you mean "How many steps for 1 lap of the loop"? Otherwise, the number of steps would be endless.

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There are 64 steps on each side; 64 * 4 = 256 steps per lap.

I counted every tile that I walked on and triple-checked... I also accounted for the slow steps that you took in the sand dune tiles.

It also makes sense to have every side the same length because you're going in a straight line; if one side is 64 tiles long, the opposing side will be 64 tiles too, since you're turning at a 90 degree angle and driving around in either a rectangular or, in this case, a square shape. Unfortunately I didn't make that mathematical revelation until after I had counted all four sides, because I only really needed to count two sides...

Anyway, yeah. 256 steps per lap.

Hope I helped. :)

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