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When you go to the Battle Resort, there is a short cut scene involving you finding Looker and him losing his memory. After that he gives you Audinite, but does something else happen?

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Not at all

He washes up on the beach, and useless the rest of the time except the Audinite. He may have hit a rock or something, got amnesia and then washed up. Or he just may be on a new case and this is his cover and will be explained in the next game which is highly unlikely.
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Probably not.
Most things that happen in the game (changes) happen after you beat the elite four the first time, when you beat the delta episode, and when you beat the elite four again.

I hope that is what happens @21qmcgagin. I really like looker. He is a lot of fun!
tbh, I think he's annoying...
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Looker, who had such a wonderful part in post-game X and Y, does pretty much zip in ORAS. His only purpose is to give you the Audinite and just… well, be Looker. It's a shame, he would've been cool to see in the Delta Episode.

Zinnia happens to be looker , because of her detective moves and stuff like that. Looker maybe needs an audino? Just guessing.
When you bring the Looker an Audino, nothing happens.