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Don't you take a boat at Slateport or Lilycove?
Not if you have your eon flute

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Where is the Battle Resort?

It's an island by Ever Grande City.

How do I get there?

In order to get to the Battle Resort you must meet several criteria.

  • First, beat the Elite Four and Champion.
  • Second, complete the Delta Episode which begins immediately after the credits. Here's a guide, but beware of spoilers.
  • Upon completing the Delta Episode, Norman will give you and SS Ticket.
  • Finally, show the SS Ticket to Captain Stern in either Lilycove or Slateport. He will take you to the Battle Resort, which you will now be able to Fly/Soar to.

Source: Experience and Bulbapedia

He didn't ask how to get there...
Ah, but in order to find where it is you have to get there, no? I provided both pieces of information.
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It's on an island between Ever Grande city and Pacificlog town, but only after you defeated the elite four + champion, after you defeated them, you can (indeed sum wun) take the boat at Slateport or Lilycove

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