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OR: transfer from Generation 5 game
Moon: called by wild Cubone at Wela Volcano Park (you can tell which ones have battle armor by using storm throw on them)
By the way, hidden ability Cubones and Marowaks are almost always worse than the ones with rock head or lightning rod.

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what about Dexnav? If you caught a Cubone already, Dexnav can possibly tell you the nature of the pokemon, without having to go in battle with it
There's no wild Cubone in ORAS and DexNav wasn't in XY
no wild Cubone is true, but I wasn't talking about DexNax for X/Y
DexNav and wild Cubones do not coexist. DexNav is completely useless for finding hidden ability Cubones.
What is "storm throw"?
It's a move that always lands critical hits unless the target is under the effect of lucky chant, shell armor, or battle armor.