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What is a good Pokemon for a gen 3 team in Emerald?
My team:

I want to go for Absol, but his stab moves are special, and his attack is obviously higher. Is giving him Shadow Ball worth it? or is there another good Pokemon? I doesnt have to be too strong, but not too weak either.


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Even though it has better attack, it has pretty good sp. atk, so both its STABs being special is no problem. It can also learn Surf, which you will definitely need in Emerald, and also Ice Beam for coverage. It'll also be good against Tate & Liza, as well as against Wally's Gardevoir (who I think only has Psychic moves in RSE, and likes to spam Calm Mind & Double Team).

yeah, but I wanted to give my Glalie Cruch and Ice Beam, so Sharpedo won't provide that much coverage.
Crunch has no STAB on Glalie, and Sharpedo is really good for all the reasons I've mentioned. Glalie can provide none of that. Regardless of what you choose, you need something that can use Surf.

If you want, you can go for Wailord.
Is it a problem that I give Shadow Ball to Absol because of no stab, or not?
Yea personally I think STAB matters, but also because in Gen 3 you can use Surf without hitting your other Pokemon in a double, and I had trouble with Tate & Liza when I played Emerald.
But if I do it, what should I replace glalie with?
I think either Manectric or Magenton. Your team could benefit from a solid electric type.
But I've planned Manectric for Omega Ruby and Alpha Sapphire, and Magneton is a gen 1 Pokemon.
Is Seviper ''just'' a bad Pokemon, or is he absolutely horribile? if its horrible, should I stick to Camerupt? And one more question: Is it worthless to focus on one offensive stat in 3rd gen games? Should I just not do that?
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It is one of the best water types in all of the games,it is a great special sweeper,awesome HM slave for the water HM's.I know it is hard to find a feebas but it is worth it.
Good set(breed if you want dragon b. and hypnosis) :
Dragon Breath/Ice Beam

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bare in mind feebas is really hard to find and is really hard to evolve too
just make some pokeblocks from chesto berrys and if it has a good nature it will eat them happily