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I mean, he has good stats and all, but there are better.
Isn't he kind of overrated?

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Lucario is awesome but Leafeon and Vaporeon (and all eeveelutions) have the same BST as him!!! Yet Lucario is considered WAAAAY stronger!
Although in Pokemon Black I had a Lucario which was a HUGE help.
It's not all in the BST. Roles, move sets, and typing are also factors. Plus it has a Mega Evolution now.
I know, I know. But still, Eeveelutions are pretty under rated at times :c
At least from what I've seen imo.

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It is a very solid Pokemon

I'll run through it's pros and cons just so you can see why it is good.


  • It can be either a psychical or special attacker or mixed.
  • It has a lot of resistances.
  • It has a mega.
  • It has a superb movepool. (Aura Sphere, Close Combat, Extreme Speed, Dragon Pulse, Earthquake, Bullet Punch, Dark Pulse, Stone Edge etc.)
  • It has enough speed to be a good sweeper.
  • It has a decent ability before mega evolving and a great one after. (Adaptability after it MEvolves, Justified before it does)
  • It has priority moves (big plus against scarfed Pokemon)


  • It has a weakness to ground and fire, both are pretty common types.
  • It doesn't have the best stats of all the mega's.

So I don't think it is over-rated(It is in OU). True it doesn't have the best stats, but stats don't mean everything in Pokemon. The Pokemon's movepool and ability mean a lot too.

Hope this Helps!

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Thanks, i see how and why it is so good and in OU.
It's  not even in OU lol.