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You know the charge flinch effect.

If I get a Conkeldurr with Sheer Force to use focus punch, would it execute on the first turn with no flinching, since Sheer Force nullifies second effects.


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Sheer Force only nullifies second effects on some moves, and Focus Punch is not one of them. So if your Sheer Force Conkeldurr uses Focus Punch and gets attacked, then Focus Punch will not work.

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PS: if you use substitute and then focus punch then focus punch will hit, unless your opponent is a ghost type or has infiltrator

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Or sound moves
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No, unfortunately. Sheer Force only removes positive secondary effects, like a chance to burn, chance to raise your stats, or a chance to lower the opponent's stats.

"Sheer Force does not negate primary effects such as recoil, stat penalty or status condition for the user, increased critical hit rate, moves that never miss, moves that change power, two-turn moves, etc."

Source: Bulbapedia

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P.S. If you use the ability Iron Fist, Focus Punch gets a boost, though.

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>While some descriptions state that the user flinches, Focus Punch failing due to not taking damage is not flinching, so the move is unaffected by Inner Focus.

Same applies to Sheer Force. Also Sheer Force only negates the secondary effect of moves used against the opponent, so even if Focus Punch does cause you to flinch if hit, because the flinch is affecting Conkeldurr, Sheer Force does not do anything about it.