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So I was playing through Omega Ruby and I tried to get a good egg move skitty to play the game with. I eventually got it (my Skitty search level was then 170)

Later on in the game, I saw an NPC with a Skitty and I scanned it with my DexNav. It said my search level was 999! I hadn't encountered any skitty after I had gotten the one I wanted at level 170, so why/how did it change so drastically?


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I have found glitches with the DexNav as well:

Sometimes my search level goes back to about 60 while i'm at 100 :( It just looks to me like the DexNav isn't always working properly unfortunately. But in your case you can use that to your advantage! For lv 999 you must get some good stuff!

''I wanted at level 170'' (Lol thought you meant the skitty! :D)

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Wait what? You were referring to the DexNav level at the first or second sentence then talking about a Level 170 Skitty? I'm sure she meant that her DexNav Search Level for Skitty is 170, then changing to Level 999 after scanning 1 NPC's Skitty.
Yeah, the search level was level 170, not the Skitty xD the skitty in question is now a level 60 Delcatty
And by the way, I'm female lol
....XD I always forget to check although you're rather obviously female (I'm not being sarcastic)