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What does this even mean? You need to be a hell of a lot more specific. What level are your Pokemon? Where are you up to?
If you mean you don't want to spend a lot of /effort/ on this, put 2 Pokemon you want to level up in the daycare. Make sure that they canNOT breed. Go to Lumiose City, go to the Prism Tower, get on your bike and face left or right. Stick a piece of card under the circle pad. Leave your 3DS charging and as you cycle. You can go to work/school/bed in the mean time. You need to make sure your bike doesn't hit anything and that you have sufficient money, but otherwise if you want an effortless way to train your Pokemon this'll work.

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Well, I'm just going to assume that a) you've completed the game and b) you've gotten all the O-Powers. If you haven't completed the game, disregard this entirely. If you don't have all the O-Powers, look here.

So a good way to start out is to get some Lucky Eggs. If you're lucky enough to be friends with someone who has a Chansey Friend Safari, you can find Lucky Eggs on wild Chansey. If you aren't friends with such a person, you can probably get some by asking around on Showdown! or other such websites.

Next, you want to pick your location. The best training spots in the postgame, for me, are Victory Road, the Pokemon League, and against Serena/Calem in Kiloude City. The Lumiose City restaurants Restaurant Le Wow and Sushi High Roller are good sources of training too, but they do cost a lot of money.

Hope I helped! :D

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Battle Chateau

The Marchionesses there (furisode girls) have Audinos at level 35 and 45 (goes higher depending on writ of challenge) and paired with a Lucky egg and Exp.power 3, this thing gives crazy experience! Also gives a good amount without the O-Power.

Hope I helped!
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Well, there are plenty of ways to level up Pokemon...

You should try:

  • using level-up O-Power

  • leaving Pokemon at the day care and do whatever (except if they level up, you have to pay more to get it back)

  • trade it to a friend and trade it back after a while (once I traded a level 6 Litleo to a friend for 3 months and when I got it back it was a level 74 Pryroar). It might not be the fastest, but it can be effective.

  • turn on the experience share. Unlike other games, it affects ALL of the Pokemon in your party, giving them all experience even if only one battled.

  • Battle at the Battle Cheateau. If you haven't battled there much, you can probably use the one you're trying to level up. If you battle there A LOT, try turning on the Experience share (like I said above) and sent out the one you're training first, and switch it out FIRST THING. The Pokemon should get full experience with the switch-out meathod.