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I've been struggling trying to deal with Skarmorys, and I wanted to see what other people are doing to counter it. I know it's got pretty bad Special Defense, so what's the optimal Pokémon to counter it?

Are you talking competitive or in-game?

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Matnezone animatedMagnezone

Magnezone is probably the prime Pokémon to slaughter Skarmory, it has all the equipment.
A Thunderbolt coming from a base 130 Special Attack Pokémon will almost always land a OHKO on the standard Skarmory. Magnezone also resists both of Skarmory's STAB, although attacks from Skarmory aren't much of a worry in the first place.
The thing that sets it apart from other Skarmory counters is its Ability Magnet Pull, which traps opposing Steel types from switching out. This means your opponent will be wary of even switching Skarmory in when Magnezone is still alive, and will always be on his/her toes predicting the Magnezone switch when Skarmory is in, which doesn't allow Skarmory to do much.
It's so easy to trap Skarmory, and then he's out of the game.

Hearan gifHeatran

Although Heatran doesn't have the nifty Magnet Pull, it is also a great counter to Skarmory, with a high Special Attack and powerful Fire STAB, Skarmory usually has no other choice but to switch.

These are just a couple of examples, but good counters to Skarmory are just good Special Attackers in general, along with Taunt users that shut Skarmory down completely.

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I have thought on an interesting counter

[email protected]
Ability:Suction Cups
EVs:252 Hp, 252 Sp.A, 4 Def
Nature: Modest
-Seismic Toss/Sludge Bomb
-Flamethrower/Fire Blast
-Thunder Wave

Octilery is one of the only water types to learn a fire type move, take advantage of it. Skarmory will think it is safe, and then you go and melt it with Flamethrower/Fire Blast. I know what you are going to say, Skarmory is alot faster. So I added Thunder Wave. Scald is Another good move, used for sturdy Skarmorys, before hitting them with a fire attack. As an added bonus, it burns. If a Skarmory thinks restoring it's Sturdy by Roost, it's burn will stop it dead in it's tracks. An even bigger plus is it halves his attack (the burn, not the move), so Brave Bird, his unresisted STAB attack is made useless. The other moves are filler moves.

Hope I helped.

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Why adamant with all special moves? Even if you went adamant it wouldn't change the damage of seismic toss. I'd go modest. :P
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