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I need one last Pokemon for my team and I want a wall.

Post your team in RMT and include proposed movesets for both Skarmory and Umbreon.
Or if it's an in-game team, include your team in your question.
Depends on what else you need on your team. If you need a defog user or a hazard layer use Skarmory. If you need a healer use Umbreon.
Okay I'll post in RMT.

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Okay, here is your answer:
Skarmory has higher attack and defense.
Umbreon has higher Special attack and Special defense.
Then, Skarmory has higher speed.

Weaknesses and Resistances
Skarmory is weak to Electric and Fire types
Umbreon is weak to Bug and Fighting types.
Skarmory is resistant to: Bug, Grass, Psychic, Steel, Flying, Dragon, and Normal
Umbreon is resistant to: Ghost, Dark

Obviously, Skarmory is better because it has better stats than Umbreon, plus, it can cover weaknesses much better.

Hope I helped!

Umbreon has access to wish, recovering other members of the team and it has higher SpD... Whereas skarmory isn't gonna take Special attacks that well