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How do I use Sketch? If you use it then is whatever move the opponent uses copied?
And if so, is it permanent ?
I really need help.
This is my first post and I really love this site!

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>Sketch allows the user to copy the opponent's last move permanently, therefore replacing Sketch.

That... really says it all. (Replacing "opponent" with "target" is valid in double and triple battles)

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in double/triple battles you can also learn an allies last used move.  i used it to make myself some nice convenient hm slaves
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What does Sketch do?

Sketch copies the move that the opponent (or ally in double/ triple battles) used last permanently.
For example, say you're battling your Smeargle against Vaporeon, and Vaporeon uses Surf. If Smeargle uses Sketch, then it will learn Surf permanently.

Why do we use Sketch?

Sketch is extremely useful for breeding, as almost any move can be Sketched. Using Sketch, Smeargle can also learn some very powerful moves.

Are there any exceptions to Sketch?

Any move can be Sketched, apart from Chatter, Struggle and Shadow moves.
Moves such as Explosion and Selfdestruct can be Sketched if the Pokemon has Damp Ability.

When does Smeargle learn Sketch?

Smeargle learns Sketch at levels:
1, 11, 21, 31, 41, 51, 61, 71, 81 and 91.
Smeagle using SketchSketch

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Smeargle learns Sketch more than once? AWESOME :D I won't have to worry about that Smeragle only ever knowing Quick Attack xD
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Sketch is a signature move to Smeargle.

If Pokemon used a move on Smeargle and it survived the hit and Smeargle used Sketch it would permanently learn the move.

Unable to Sketch :
Smeargle cannot Sketch in the Battle Masion or Wi-Fi Battles.
He cannot sketch 'Shadow'moves either

However Smeargle is very useful for (Chain) Breeding as it can pass down almost every move.

An Example :

A Male Smeargle (with Wish) + A female Eevee or an Eeveelution = Eevee with Wish

This is a very quick way of getting a Wish Eevee. Without Sketch you'd have to do this :

Male Togetic with Wish + Female Skitty = Breed until you get male Skitty wish Wish
Male Skitty wish Wish + Female Eevee/Eeveelution = Eevee with Wish :D

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