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Like, when you're battling a friend. Normally Pokemon don't have any changes to them after they've been fighting another person, but can you come out of battle knowing the move the Sketch sketched? Does the move dissapear/have no effect?

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It will only Sketch it for the multiplayer and online battles. Once you leave, the move reverts back to Sketch. It's like consumable items. They can be used in multiplayer and online battles, but they come back after you exit the multiplayer and online battle.

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I have tried this because I wanted a smeargle with both fusion moves and my friend didn't want to trade his reshiram. When I used sketch, my smeargle learned sketch and he could use during the whole battle but when I wanted to use my smeargle in the main game fusion flare was gone. So when you use it in multiplayer, it will have the same effect as copycat.

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