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I saw it in other metas.

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It's a tier where Regice holds 200 Atk and Speed (base).

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It is a meta where a Pokémon's highest and lowest base stats are switched.

Welcome to this brand new Metagame.
This Metagame changes one very simple thing. It exchanges the highest and lowest Base Stats of a certain Pokemon. This causes many Pokemon to fulfill different niches and allows a lot of fun testing what are good new threats and what has been nerved to mediocrity.
If a Pokemon has more than one Stat as their highest/lowest, both will be swapped. Pokemon with Mega's will work like all other Pokemon as people told me yesterday it is possible to change HP.

Banlist: Azumaril, Diancite
Unbanlist: Genesect, Aegislash, Skymin, Kangaskhanite
Clauses: OU Clauses​

Example: Archeops: 75/140/65/112/65/110 --> 75/65/140/112/140/110


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