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I am sick of Mega heracross ruining my team. I loose so many Pokemon to him. My only counter is Mandibuzz, but he has to set up, and heracross gets powerful rock moves. What do I do?


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After an Intimidate, Heracross doesn't hit nearly as hard as it usually does. Landorus resist Heracross's STAB and takes neutral damage from its standard coverage moves (Bullet Seed and Rock Blast). Landorus doesn't really hit Heracross very hard though, it's more of a defensive counter. Landorus is very easy to incorporate into a team due the the vast amount of new Mega Pokemon it beats easily, and because it has a very good chance to OHKO Greninja (a huge threat) after rocks.

Fast Flying types

Heracross dies to Flying moves, and it's not very hard to outspeed either. It's open to many Flying attacks, such as Return from Mega Pinsir and Brave Bird from Talonflame.


Heracross cannot touch Gliscor at all. It takes minimal damage from everything Heracross can throw at it, and can toxic stall it to death or force it to switch.


They resist Mega Heracross's STAB attacks and can take neutral hits from coverage moves. They can then respond with a strong Fairy attack. Physically defensive Clefable is one that works particularly well. Mega Diancie is also a good way to remove Heracross if you want a more offensive Pokemon.

Pokemon that can revenge kill it

If Heracross uses Close Combat to beat a Pokemon, take advantage of the defence drops and smack it with a super effective move. Basically anything with a decent Speed stat is capable of this; remember that Heracross is slow.

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I'll go with Gliscor.
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Talon flame should be a good counter because of priority brave its which will dominate. Not sure they are in the same teir though

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Mega Heracross? Well, I would say a good Fire-type Physical attacker.
Mega Heracross has better Special Defense then regular. If he has a mega on you, Mega him back. Use Mega Houndoom, Mega Charizard X, or Mega Blaziken.
Mega Blaziken
Mega Blaziken... TEARS THINGS UP. Along with Speed Boost, this Pokémon doesn't need Agility. Teach it Blaze Kick so you can easily land a Critical. Plus, M-Heracross is quite slow. So you have the right to maybe outspeed that Pokémon.
Mega Charizard X
Mega Charizard X is actually a Mixed attacker, having both Attack and Special attack at 130. I would teach it Dragon Claw or Flare Blitz, as they get powered up from Tough Claws. This Mega is Highly recommended.
Mega Houndoom
With Solar Power, this thing Is a monster. With awesome Special Attack and Speed, it can easily outspeed and do tons of damage to that Mega. However, you must be careful. Houndoom is a Dark-type and can go easily down to Close Combat. If you have a Groudon in use, Drought will automatically allow Houndoom to sweep any Pokémon in its path.