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It's sort of like water beats fire, fire beats grass, and grass beats water, but it's 3 megas instead of types.
Loppuny counters sableye beacause of scarppy, allowing it to use a fighting type move on him.
Sableye counters gallade because he is immune to both of his stabs.
Gallade counters lopunny beacause he has inner focus and lopunny usually has fake out, but gallade won't flinch and will be able to OHKO lopunny.

This is very complicated.

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Mega Garchomp counters Mega Manetric because of ground immunity and Mega Manetric counters Mega Blastoise due to electric weaknesses and Mega Blastoise counters Mega Garchomp due to ice beam.

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I would say garchomp counters manectric because he resists fire and electric, manectrics main moves.
Replace blastoise with abomasnow maybe because manny's flamethrower, and aboma has ice stab on garchomp. Blastoise would probably take a hit from thunderbolt beacause he is pretty bulky.