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I was on Route 111 and the DexNav detected a Baltoy, which i've seen before and caught, but it had the red exclamation point in the middle of the center of the indicator (that shows up whenever a Pokemon is detected) and that only shows up to a Pokemon that belongs to the National Dex. Is there any reasoning behind this?
(P.S I didn't battle the Baltoy)

baltoy isn't in the Nation Dex as far as I can see so you might just be seeing wroung.
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Lol its fine, but i know Baltoy is in the Hoenn dex but i DID get that exclamation point
but i got the ! even on pokemon that are in the hoenn dex

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The red exclamation point shows that there is something special about that Pokemon.

Possible things about that Baltoy:

  • It had a far higher level than it should have had
  • It had a rare move.
  • It had a hidden ability.
  • It had perfect IV's in one or more stats.

Encountering more of a type of Pokemon allows you to see more specific data about that Pokemon, such as its actual ability, its held item, its moves, or the number of perfect IVs it has.

(In the full data screen, red exclamation points next to a piece of data signify that that piece of data is special.)

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I feel stupid for not remembering this XD Thanks
I believe it takes 3 perfect IV's to get the '!' mark for potential
No, it takes 3 to get 3 stars for potential, but even 1 will trigger the exclamation point (I think)